real estate photo of home in Dalton, GA Chattanooga TN

Real Estate Photos Of A Spectacular Home

I get asked to create compelling real estate photos of beautiful homes to help market them for sale. Creating real estate photos offers many opportunities to photograph some incredible homes.  Real estate photos like these are essential to market the home in print and internet sources and are used by professional agents who don’t use their cell phones as cameras.

This home is located in Dalton, GA overlooking the city.  It is almost 7,000 square feet and offers such beautiful views from high on the mountain.

Photographing real estate like this is a difficult and specialized type of work.  The photos of this home needed to show the interior and the exterior views outside of the home that interest prospective buyers.  Our eyes adjust quickly to the lighting conditions of inside and outside, but the camera can really only see one or the other. That’s why you see so many photos of interiors with white windows that you cannot see the outside views. The agent wanted me to show the views because that is what will sell this home and help her really market this home to its potential.

Architectural photography requires an experienced photographer who can make rooms look square, even though the lenses work the opposite, balance indoor and outdoor lighting both in quantity and quality, recognize angles that really sell the home, and excel at post production skills that create an image that shows a beautiful, accurate, and well composed image.  These images require preplanning and understanding the photography process from image capture to posting the image on the internet. These challenges present themselves with each and every room of a home.

I hope you enjoy these images as a peek into a beautiful home in an equally beautiful setting.  The home is represented by Susan Patterson of Coldwell Banker, Kinard Realty in Dalton.  You can also find this home on Zillow here.

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