Copy and restoration of an old photo

Cool Old Photos I Got To Restore

Here are two examples of photo restoration services I wanted to share of two really neat old photos I recently got to restore.  These are from the 1800's and in actuality I don't think they are even the originals due to their large size. Back then, the photographs were usually the same size as the negative and they were usually printed from glass negatives using one of those cameras you see where the photographer puts his head under a cloth to take the image.  The unique stories are that the older man in the photo of the couple lost one of his arms during the Civil war.  The boy is rather unique as the photographer or his artist painted a background onto the image.  I haven't seen this done before in an old photograph. These were a pleasure to work on and restore the history of this family for many generations to come.

Restored photo of a boy circ 1800
Copy and restoration of an old photo
Couple from 1800's USA civil war
Restored Photo Civil War Veteran and Wife