Italy-Tell me how you really feel

Italia[dropcap]While[/dropcap] preparing for my upcoming workshop and trip to Italy, I was trying to explain how travel changes a person forever, and that keeping a travel journal is very important.

I found my journal from the first trip I made to Italy in 2009.  I can look at the words and thoughts on the days of my trip, and I  can return to that time with ease.

Here, I quickly jotted down my feelings about my love of Italy.  This is  my rough draft, but I don’t think I can ever go  back and edit it for grammar, spelling, etc. for fear of losing the feeling that inspired me to write from my heart.

I still feel this way about Italy, and I will soon be going home and sharing my love with others.

August  8, 2009

Bella Italia, opens her arms and welcomes home a missing soul. She shows me love in the faces and kindness of her people.

Her snow capped mountains tell of her purity.  Everywhere you look her beauty abounds.  She shows me that she can nourish me with the fruit of Toscana & the bounty of her seas.  When I am thirsty I only have to pause and drink from her fountains.

Bella Italia Grazie

Jonathan Starling