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Twilight Real Estate Photo Shoot

Creating High Quality Photos That Sell Homes Quickly

I recently had the opportunity to photograph a very special home in Dalton, Georgia.  Dalton has many unique homes, but this one, with its aviation theme is one that stands out.  This home was designed by an architect from Atlanta, and was built in 1990.  Featuring 4 bedrooms and 5 baths on three levels, it totals 7,000 sqft.

What was so unusual about the home was the amount of metalwork that was used throughout the home.  The door frames, stairs, and floor moulding were all made out of metal welded together.  I was impressed when I drove up to this home because I could see it was an inspired design.

When I entered the home the beautiful double copper doors opened into an open floor plan with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the backyard and pool area.  As I photographed through the home that day creating a portfolio worthy shoot of this home, I knew that it would be spectacular to return at twilight to capture the view from the back yard showcasing the windows and the skylights on the upper floor.

I visualized the warm glow of the interior lights spilling out into the pool area contrasted against the cool tones of the metal and dark twilight sky.  The owner agreed with me, his only suggestion would be to showcase his home as he had seen it many times with a party and guest enjoying themselves throughout the home.  If this shot had not been for the MLS, which doesn't allow people in the photos, that would have been a perfect photo.

When I arrived that evening I carefully checked to make sure that all of the lights in the home were on and properly adjusted.  Because the exterior lights on the front of the home weren't as bright as I needed to illuminate the glass block walls that flanked the door,  I asked the agent to shine her car headlights onto the glass blocks to further illuminate them and make them stand out.

I captured several images by using a custom made pole I built especially for photographing houses from a higher elevation.  This perspective change helps to begin straightening the home due to the distortion that arises when the focal plane is angled and a wide angle lens is used.  I personally hate to see images where buildings look as if they are going to fall over due to camera distortion.  After picking my angle, and elevating my camera, all that was left was to wait for the proper timing when the sky turns a beautiful blue known to artist as "The Blue Hour"  and nail the exposure.

After a small amount of  work in Lightroom and Photoshop, I was able to create the image you see here.  indeed, the beautiful warm lighting contrasted against the cool blue sky and metal of the home bringing to life the image I pre-visualized before I ever clicked the shutter.

Photography is still an art form that must adhere to the laws of physics.  Once you understand that fact, you can use that information to compliment your vision an that is how I was able to accomplish this image.

Real estate photography is a wonderful challenge.  It combines my years of knowledge about photography with the goal of presenting each home at its best to help the real estate agent sell the home for the buyers as quickly as possible and for the price that the buyers ask.

I hope this sells quickly so others can enjoy living in this beautiful one-of-a kind home.


If you would like me to photograph your home or your listings for real estate, please give me a call or contact me here.  I am available to photograph real estate in Northwest Georgia and Chattanooga, TN.