WorldWide PhotoWalk Chattanooga, TN



Saturday, October 7th, 2017 | 9:30am - 11:30am

Where We Will Meet

Benches on side facing city parking deck and electric buses

Where The Walk Will End

Clyde's ask at front

About This Walk

This photowalk is open to all skill levels of photographers and is not gear centric, any type of camera is welcome.  This is an opportunity to shoot alongside a 30 + year professional photographer and educator.

I selected this area of Chattanooga because of the variety of images possible, unique urban landscape, and limitless subject or theme opportunities. Although we are not covering a large section of town, the area is rich in photo opportunity.  This setting combined with the ability to stretch yourself as a photographer makes this walk perfect for those photographers who wish to see beyond the everyday ordinary image.  I encourage you to look for abstract compositions, urban sprawl, and the use of public art to create images that you normally wouldn’t create.  This area is easy to get to as well, as it provides plenty of opportunity to find interesting images.

I know that you can visit this area, and probably have, many times by yourself, so why not use this opportunity to push your creative brain to create images that you normally wouldn’t take? I also challenge you to use a different lens or camera than you normally use.  If you normally only shoot with a 18 – 55mm then switch to an ultra wide angle or a more telephoto lens.  This will force you to learn the lens and how it works, which will help you become a better photographer and engage your mind.

Participants are encouraged to bring any type of camera that they wish to use. I also recommend using cell phones as well to capture and create unique images.  At lunch we can discuss image editing apps among the various themes photographers usually talk about.

Jonathan Starling is an international award winning photographer and educator with over 30 years experience as a professional photographer. He leads photo workshops and training for photographers in the United States and with Italy Food and Photo Workshops.


Chattanooga Trains, Abstractions and Urban Landscapes With A Challenge For Creative Growth