Jonathan S. Starling, Certified Professional Photographer, Photographic Craftsman


I have been using a camera since I was six years old. I have always had a fascination with photography and technology which still continues today.

I have an AA degree in Fire Science Technology and a BS in Business Administration. My photography training has been through professional organizations and mentors who have helped shape me as a photographer and an artist.

During my lifetime as a photographer, I have attended thousands of hours of classes in photography, art and computer editing. Frequently, I go to museums both nationally and internationally to study the masters of art from the past. A photography education doesn't come without expense, as I have spent thousands of dollars investing in my education and perfecting my craft. To this day, I continue to enter juried competitions where I compete both in photography and general art categories.

Photography is always evolving, and I am always trying to perfect my craft technically and artistically making me a student of light for life.


Photography has given me so many opportunities. I have met celebrities, politicians, judges and just plain great people. Being a professional photographer has given me the opportunity to travel to destinations in the United States and around the world. I have had the opportunity to have studied photography under some of the most important photographers in the United States. The mentorship I received continues to shape the images I create the way I pose and light.

My background in film photography still helps me to this very day even though I was among one of the first studios in the USA to convert to digital photography. Today, I use the most cutting edge digital imaging equipment available.

I have been through many changes in the photography industry in terms of style and technology, and I continue to improve and educate myself in art and photography.

In addition to creating images for my clients, I teach photography workshops in the U.S. and Italy, my other country. I enjoy watching my students develop their skills in photography and grasping the concepts of art and physics. I know that I have helped many turn their hobby into a profession, and I have watched them grow. I am excited about this cycle, and continue to develop it as I speak and give presentations to photographers and camera clubs.